Overview – The Artificial System and the Natural System

The purpose of the information in The Music of Systems is to shed light on ways we can change how we do technology so that it is more harmonious with our True Selves and with the natural systems of the planet.  One key concept toward this end is that pretty much everything on the planet falls into one of two categories, which are the “Artificial System” and the “Natural System.”

The Artificial System is all that we have created – cars, cell phones, the government, all of our technology, etc. The Natural System is everything that would be here if we weren’t – plants, animals, the weather, the oceans, all the natural ecosystems of the earth.

The Artificial System serves as our primary user-interface to the planet.  It brings us meat all wrapped up in plastic in the store, rather than all wrapped up in fur running away from us as fast as it can.  It gives us houses with thermostats, which are more comfortable than we would be sleeping outside.  In return, it requires us to get a job or run a business, so we can make money, in exchange for the comforts it provides.

The Artificial System also separates us, to a degree, from the nourishment available from spending time in nature. Living here in Colorado, people commonly talk about how rejuvenated they feel after spending time in nature.  Clearly, the Natural System can give you something extra that you don’t get in your house, work place, or while shopping.  What, exactly, would this be?  And how might we re-engineer the Artificial System to provide more of this?  Questions like this will be explored in this blog as the material comes forward.

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